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To receive an invitation to bid on our projects submit your information to SmartBid below. Please note that only one contact may be added to this database. If you would like additional individuals to receive invitations to bid, please email after completing the form with their: 1) full name; 2) phone (if different); and 3) email address.
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Guidelines for Quotes

Submit quotes in PDF format.
Label quotes with: division #, company name, division name (lower case), base bid
For example: 09.3 (division #) Acme (company name) tile (division name in lower case) $100 (base bid)
Quote the division of work your firm normally does on this type of project.
Bid per plans, avoid sending brochures on bid day.
Quote by Division if possible, limit your exclusions, and bid furnish and install if possible.
ID your Division of work in the email subject line and in the PDF file name.
Show subtotals and totals, check your math.
Show complete contact info in your email signature and reply signatures.
Provide a scope sheet/email several days before submitting your bid.
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